This body of work could not have been made possible without the cooperation of Musicians & Entertainers of The Bahamas. To the individuals featured in his project, I give a special thanks for allowing me into your lives and by extension extending the same courtesy to the rest of the world. Helene Peloquin, thanks for being my sounding board and the technical assistance and much needed encouragement. The Bahamas Musicians & Entertainers Union, I appreciate your support. My wife Josephine and my entire family, you all have my love forever for your undeniable commitment.

To the many students that I've had the honor of working with over the years, you were the inspiration and driving force in my embarking on this project. Now we all can learn more about our very own. Finally, my God, who I've had to consult on many occasions for direction, patience, and understanding. Thanks for smoothening the many bumps in the road.