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Release date: 1983
Label: Visage Records


Junka Jam
JUnka Jam (instrumental)



Release date: 2001
Label: Tropical Wave Productions


Put Ya Flags Up
Ring Play.mp3
Hold Ya Head
De Iron
Ready To Party
Bumpa Stickas
Big Mistake
Get On De Floor
Can't Pull Nothin'on Me
Never Leave You
Soca Train



Release date: 2002
Label: Visage Music Ltd.


My Bad (Ooops)
Independent Ladies
Climb A Mountain
Do Unto Me
Still Need Ah Man
Dey Call It Carnival
Boom (All I Hearin')
Wine For Carnival
J'ouvert Mornin' (Can't Wait)
Can't Stop De Party



Release date: 2003
Label: Visage Music


Bahamas Have A Junkanoo
Man Shortage
Party Time
Let's Go Crazy
Big Sexy (Who Say)
Jump Up
Call Me A Dog
All About Rags & Flags
Hold Ya Head (Shake Up)
Drunk Again




Visage has adopted the music of Trinidad and other Caribbean and West Indian countries as a platform to introduce junkanoo rhythms according to leader Obie Pindling. Unless one is familiar with the junkanoo beat, you might just miss what this Bahamian bahn is attempting to do. Their more recent recordings are even sung in the lyrical style of groups from that region. However, Visage continue to press forward, determined that the Caribbean & West Indies provides a better market than the United States or even Europe. The author of this project agrees that given the similarities in cultures, this is indeed a worthwhile effort. The soca rhythm has attracted much attention to Visage at the Trinidad Carnival for the past few years. With the fruition of Obie's plan, junkanoo will be incooperated in due course.


The first excerpt is the very first recording done by Visage back in 1983. The junkanoo beat, slow and relaxed as it was played at that time, is used as the rhythmic backdrop for this piece.

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Not only did Visage use the soca rhythms in this next song, they used the age old tradition of singing about current events. When the "Golden Girls" 4x100 relay team won the gold medal in Spain, the group immediately released this song. The tradition of calypsonians composing about currents most difinately took charge in this project by Visage.

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Sonovia Pierre, a music educator in the Bahamas has been in the classroom for well over nine years. Her contribution as a singer on the local music scene has not gone un-noticed by her colleagues. She is a first call vocalist for many local artist needing background and lead vocal works. Her involvement with Visage adds an added dimention to the band. This fine performer, composer, and educator sings this next original composition.

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One of our popular singers "Stevie S" recorded this mega hit a couple of years ago. Visage, in this re-recording of it adds the soca rhythms of the West Indies to it. This song was almost as popular as the national anthem with tourists and locals alike. A great song for crowd participation in parties.

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