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One of the best-known Bahamian musicians worldwide is Joseph Spence. Ironically, few in the Bahamas know of him. Even I only learned of him only about ten or so years ago. The reason will be mentioned shortly. Let's look at the man and his growl and guitar. Spence is spoken and written of as quite unassuming, humble and most of all gifted with the talent of self-expression. From the first time I heard his music I knew that he played from his heart, not worrying about what anyone thought of his gift, but only to express it. Many say that Spence had an invisible character playing along with him, thus all the extra parts simultaneously being heard in his music. Anyone who has the faintest idea of the technique of playing the guitar would know that what Spence did was pure genius. Born in Small Hope, Andros Island, the largest of the Bahama Islands, where his father...

Date of Birth:
August 3rd, 1910

Place of Birth: Small Hope, Andros, Bahamas

Principal Instrument: Guitar/Voice

Genre(s): Folk & Gospel