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Release date: Unknown
Label: Junka Records


Gatta Find My Woman
I Need You
Everybody Wants Somebody
Junka Rapp
You're The Entertainer
I Would Still Be Loving You
Space Junka



Release date: Unknown
Label: Elite


Yellow Bird (Disco)
The World Keep Turning Round
All Kapuncle Up (Instrumental)
Strangers In The Night
Am Sorry You Have To Go
I Thank God
Bush Medicine



Release date: Unknown

No Infornation Available



Release date: 1999
Label: Mackey Media

Save The Children
Bake The Johnny Cake
Gee Whiz It's Christmas
Feliz Navidad
Silver Bells
Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
Someday At Christmas
Oh Holy Night
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
White Christmas
Twelve Days Of Christmas
Silent Night
Jingle Bells
Auld Lang Signe
Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday (Reprise)



Release date: Unknown
Label: JM

No Information Available



Release date: Unknown
Label: GBI


Love Is The Key
Peace And Understanding
Ya Mama Again
The Soul Of Man
Love Have No Sorrow
Albatros Circle
Daddy's Home / Try A Little Tenderness
Funky Fever



Release date: 1984
Label: Junka Records


Giving It Up For Your Love
Freeport Town
Junka Bounce
Dock Of The Bay
Junka Heat
Some Times You're Up Some Times You're Down
Always On My Mind
Boys Just Want To Have Fun



Release date: Unknown
Label: JM


Peace Love & Unity
Freeport Town
She's Not You
Always On My Mind
The Man In Me
I Never Knew Love
Honestly In Love
Everybody Wants Somebody
Loving You
I Don't Want To Say Goodbye



Souvenir of Freeport Bahamas
Release date:

Tighter & Tighter
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Let It Be
Mustang Sally



Release date: Unknown
Label: JM


Don't Leave Me This Way
What Now My Love
Bahamian Lady
Bahamian Sunshine
True Confession
Lady In Red
Save The Children



Your Mama Your Daddy Again
Release date: Unknown
Label: Unknown


Your Mama Again
Who's That In My Bed
I'm So All Alone
Eight Mile Rock Road
When Will It End
Goombay Bump
Rip Off Brother
Black Girl
I Love You



Jay Mitchell and his music continues to make great impressions on the Bahamian scene. These days, seeing him at the British Colonial Hilton brings back the feeling of the days when there were "entertainers" rather than singers or musicians on the stage. Jay's ease and his ability to capture any audience through his many styles remains at an all time high. Be it roch, Motown favorites, soul, ballads, or local and other Caribbean songs, Jay pours his heart into his craft.

Jay Mitchell has always had a very soul sounding voice, his may be attributed from his church background and his appreciation of artists like Otis Redding, James Brown and others from the Motown legacy. His music over the years remains unique to him although influences from styles are tastefully used.

In this first excerpt, it may be difficult to hear what may be termed the classic Bahamian sound, but then, that is what Jay is all about. He takes the liberty of expressing himself in whatever genre is available to him. Country, soul, and gospel heavily influence this original composition by our #1 soul singer Jay Mitchell.

Click play to hear "Another Place And Time"

When Jay sing an Island song, there is no doubt that it will be exciting. He treats it almost like a soul of funk song in the manner that he interpret the melody. At a time when soca music was gaining popularity in the Bahamas, Jay fused this style into his compositional skills and produced this next song. He calls this this beat "junka", the combining of the junkanoo and the soca beat. Notice that the soca beat is stressed in the bass line while the junkanoo beat is emphasized within the drum pattern.

Click play to hear "Jumpin' In The Streets"

The Bahamas being a tourist destination has been the birth place of many renditions of "Yellow Bird". When I heard this version, I thought it necessary to share it with you. The disco years are painted all over this arrangement coupled with the soul vocal styling of Jay Mitchell. The sound of this recording sort of remind me of the Philedelplia sound made popular by artist Teddy Pendergrass around the nineteen seventies and eighties. The fact that Jay was managed by Jo Jackson (Michael Jackson's father) may have contributed to his overall sound around this period.

Click play to hear "Yellow Bird (Disco)"