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Calypso And Goombay Rhythms
Release date: 1955
Label: Bahama Records


01. Little Nassau
02. I Kissed Her Hand
03. Redhead
04. Jones, Oh Jones
05. Man Smart, Woman Smarter
06. Zombie Jamboree
07. Cotton-n-Corn
08. Life Can't Go On Without You
09. Like Ma-ad
10. Banana Boat
11. Bahama Lullaby
12. Calypso Man



Goombay Rhythms Of Nassau
Release date: 1956
Label: Bahama Records


01. Fishing
02. Cone In Liza
03. Can't Get No Sweetness Out Of Me
04. Doctor
05. The Crow
06. Peanuts Plays The Drum
07. Gin And Coconut Water
08. Wanna Do Nothing All Day
09. Brown Skin Gal
10. Push Push
11. Freckles
12. Hold Him Jo



The Most Popular Bahamian Folk Songs
Release date: 1957
Label: Bahama Records


01. Delia Gone
02. Eight Babies
03. Uncle Lou; Lazy Man
04. John B.
05. Maryanne
06. Love Alone
07. J.P. Morgan
08. Goombay
09. Dreams
10. Bahama Mamma; Boat Pull Out



George Symonette Plays And Sing Goombay
Release date: 1964
Label: Bahama Records


01. The John B. Sail
02. Sky Blue Pink Caribe
03. Peel Peel Peel De Banana
04. Doing The Gomma In Exuma
05. Delia Gone
06. Love Alone
07. Come To Paradise Island
08. Eight Babies
09. Jones, Oh Jones
10. J.P. Morgan
11. Boat Pull Out and Bahama Mamma
12. Uncle Lou and Lazy Man



George Symonette and his Goombay Sextet
Release date: Unknown
Label: Bahama Records


01. Don't Tell On Me
02. Bimini Gal
03. Never Interfere With Ma And Wife
04. Mamma Loves Tea
05. Hip So Calypso
06. Jamaica Farewell
07. Come Back Liza
08. Bikini Baby
09. Pretty Boy
10. Princess Margaret Jones
11. Time But No Money
12. Yellow Bird



Bahamian Troubadour
Release date: Unknown
Label: Art


01. The Crow
02. Uncle Lou
03. Lazy Man
04. Don't Touch Me Tomato
05. Man O War
06. Nassau Samba
07. My Lima Beans
08. Camilla
09. Can't Get No Sweetness Out Of Me



Goombay Rhythms Of Nassau
Release date: Unknown
Label: Unknown


01. Calypso Island
02. Ugly Woman
03. De Eye Too Big For The Belly
04. Rum & Coco Cola
05. Stone Cold Dead In The Market
06. Stranded
07. Matilda
08. Harbour Island
09. Man Piaba
10. Coconut Fall On The Head
11. Linsted Market
12. Island In The Sun



Release date:




The Godfather of Bahamian goombay music! So it has been proclaimed of this pharmacist/ pianist. Making goombay music from behind the piano gave George's music a very unique sound. The rhythms adapted from the guitar created a rhythmically progressive style unlike any other artist of his time.

It is also evident that George had an appreciation for blues, jazz, and big band music of his time in listening to his many goombay songs. The clave and maracas burrowed from Latin American music is the predominant driving force behind his goombay sound. The music, in addition has a smooth sound largely in part of the use of all acoustic instruments. Lets listen to a few of his renditions of the sound of "Goombay".


George Symonette's music moves along like a train on a track. The piano almost rolls the rhythms out from under his fingers. Unique indeed is his way of interpreting this next song "Calypso Man".

Click play to hear "Calypso Man" -

Much like the previous song, George, in addition to creating rhythmical interest, occasionally harmonize the melody in thirds or sixths in the piano accompaniment.
listen closely especially in the guitar solo to his use of this technique.

Click play to hear "The Crow"

George, as stated earlier had a taste for the blues as demonstrated in this next song. The song "Dehlia Gone" has been recorded by Blind Blake and more recently by Stevie S in a compilation produced by KB. This tragic story of a murder is appropriately set to the blues style.

Click play to hear "Dehlia"

Very few love songs are written today in the Bahamas, unlike in the old days. In speaking to the artist of the early days in Bahamian music, the era was more romantic and men had no reservations in showing their feelings. Here, George share his sentiments of wanting to be "Stranded" on an Island with the one he loves.

Click play to hear "Stranded"