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The New And Exciting
Release Date:
Label: Caribe


01. Come To The Caribbean
02. Lizzie Carry Basket On Head
03. La Bomba
04. Yellowbird
05. Chi Chi Merengue
06. Mongo
07. See Me Low
08. La Chita
09. Anna Macao
10. Lil' Darlin'
11. Going Down Jordan
12. Bahama Lullaby



Release Date: 1960
Label: Decca


01. Chi Chi Merengue
02. Zombie Jamboree (Back To Back)
03. Anna Ba Coha
04. Similau
05. Coconut Woman
06. La Bamba
07. Digby
08. Goombay
09. Blackbeard's Cha Cha
10. Island Woman
11. Banana
12. Calypso Island
13. Shake, Shake, Senora



Release Date:
Label: Decca



No Information Available



Release Date: 1956
Label: Bahamian Rhythms


01. Anna Bacour
02. Conch Ain't Got No Bone
03. I Need It
04. Jump In The Line
05. Keech
06. Love
07. Mango
08. Mary Ann
09. Memories
10. Pretty Boy
11. Similau
12. Susaphone



Release Date: (RELEASED BEFORE 1960)
Label: Decca




No Information Available



Eloise Lewis has left a legacy of being one of the most popular female in the music industry in the Bahamas. Not only did she provoke the thinking for female entertainers, but she was the type of entertainer that set a standard that her male counterparts srtived for. Eloise's music was done in a tasteful flavor, whether she was singing an agressive goombay tune or a lullaby, her personality was always full of presence. Her signature staccato high screams in "Chi Chi Merengue" served as an announcement that she was on stage and ready to go. Although it must have been a challenge to make in a industry dominated by males, Eloise, because of her musicianship could not be denied. The excerpts taken from two of her songs below demonstrates her versatility, vocal and instrumental techniques. When you hear Eloise, there is no other that fits her mold. Her ability to strum out a groove on the guitar and maintain the level of energy exuded in her singing is quite amazing. In listening to the syncopation in her lyrics in contrast to the steady rhythmic pulsation played on the guitar tells us that she knew her instruments well, and was very comfortable in her singing and playing at the same time. At a time when the Bahamas was searching for a distinct sound, Eloise made an invaluable contribution in trying something new. Her style, in my opinion needs to be re-visited and explored. I hear rap, calypso, and most of the rhythms used in our music within her musical presentation. It is amazing that after all this time, her music soungs relevant.


"Chi Chi Merengue" is one of Eloise's most popular songs. This is a groove tune, meaning, the music and the rhythm is most important. The vamp at the beginning of the song establishes the energy that is maintained throughout the arrangement. The vocal seems to be largely improvised with ocassional groove breaks and Elouise's sharp stacatto improvised chants floating above.

Click play to hear "Chi Chi Merengue"


Eloise's vocal quality is that of a well trained vocalist. Her inflections are carefully interwoven into her songs. Below, her talent shines through even as a balladeer in this mystical song about a ghost in the cane fields. The origin of this song is unclear. Among he Islands mentioned for its origin is Jamaica and Cuba.

Click play to hear "Similau"

Eloise also appears on:
Various: Carnival in Paradise; Caribe LP-2036-S; c.1962 ("Come to the Caribbean")
Various: Hits from Bahama Hot Spots; Bahama BRL-21; 1956 ("The Naughty Flea")
Various: Nassau's Junkanoo Festival; Bahama BRL-22; 1956 ("I Need It" & "Digby")
Various: Showtime at the Drumbeat; Tropical LP-2471; 1964 ("Chi Chi Merengue" & "La Bamba" from Carib LP-2029)