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Der Real Ting!!
Release Date: 1976
Label: Pot Luck


01. Mike
02. Finance Man
03. Johnny
04. Tarzan Or Robin Hood
05. Straighten Up An' Fly Right
06. People To People
07. Der Bull Frog Song
08. Peter
09. Goin Ter Pick Up Der Mail

Featuring Ronnie Butler And Der Ramblers.



Release Date: Unknown
Label: Pot Luck


01. Shan
02. Cry Baby
03. Miss Lye
04. Sleepy Head
05. Sugar Apple, Guinep
06. Ting @ Ting
06. Show & Tell
07. U.F.O.
08. Alcohol


Featuring Ronnie Butler And Der Ramblers.



Island Life (wit der Ramblers)
Release Date: 1979
Label: Pot Luck


01. Sam
02. Ring-A-Yo
03. Nassau People
04. Rock Alabama
05. Carmen
06. Native Woman
07. Granny Flyin'
08. Island Life

Featuring Ronnie Butler And Der Ramblers.



Mind Your Own Business!!
Release Date: 1980
Label: Pot Luck


01. The Buffet
02. Slam Bam
03. Mind Your Own Business
04. Cedric
05. Poinciana
06. Harry (You Ger Get Put Out Ternight)
07. Boo Boo Is Beauty Queen
08. Catch The Thief
09. Cu.n Jenny
10. Run Here Reo

Featuring Ronnie Butler And Der Ramblers.



Junkanoo Jam
(With High Voltage an' Ronnie Butler)
Release Date: 1982
Label: Pot Luck Enterprises


01. Junkanoo Jam
02. Gimme Generation
03. Junkanoo Jam (Instrumental)
04. Gimme Generation (Instrumental)

Recorded with help from Eddie's good friend Ronnie Butler and accompanied by the band High Voltage, know today as BahaMen.



Release Date: 1983
Label: Pot Luck


01. Guilty
02. Never Satisfied
03.Guilty (Instrumental)
04. Never Satisfied (Instrumental)

Featuring Ronnie Butler And High Voltage (formally known as Baha Men)



Hey Mon
Release Date: 1988
Label: Pot Luck

01. Hey Mon
02. Soca Granny
03. Nickels, Quarters an'Dimes - Little Wardie
04. Copy Cat
05. Gossippin'
06. Guilty
07. Never Satisfied
08. Gimme Generation
09. Say No To Drugs

Recorded with help from Eddie's good friend Ronnie Butler and accompanied by the band High Voltage, know today as Baha Men.



Release Date: 1991
Label: Pot Luck


01. Snow White
02. Jitney Driver
03. Loco Coco
04. Flamingo
05. Fat Annie Rock
06. Barracuda Fever
07. Current Pride
08. Sharing



Greatest Hits
Release Date: May 1, 1996
Label: Pot Luck

1. Naughty Johnny
2. The Buffet
3. Granny Flyin
4. Straighten Up and Fly Right
5. Shot Gun Weddin
6. Nassau People
7. Harry
8. Show and Tell
9. Reap What You Sow
10. Mike
11. Never Satisfied
12. Carmen
13. Our Love is Gonna Make It
14. Slam Bam
15. Junkanoo Granny
16. I'm Tired
17. Shan (Wat In Da Woof)
18. People To People



Tropical Waves
Release Date: November 8, 2000
Label: Pot Luck & BluHole

01. Church Out - Crab Crawlin
02. Money Cant Done
03. Pussy Cat
04. No More Conch
05. Jimmy House
06. Ting an Ting
07. Y2K - Read My Mind
08. Poor Tourist
09. Spanish Wells
10. Mix Up Dog
11. No Matter How Small
12. Keep Hope Alive
13. Ting an Ting Y2K (remix)



Eddie Minnis Greatest Hits II
Release Date: September 13, 2003
Label: Pot Luck

01. Poor Tommy
02. Junkanoo Jam
03. Goin' Ter Pick Up Der Mail
04. Eleut'ra
05. Sugar Apple Guinep
06. Tarzan or Robinhood
07. Finance Man
08. It Takes A Woman (Pt.I) - Sweet Emily
09. Freedom - Ronnie Butler
10. Hole In My Heart
11. Cry Baby
12. Alcohol
13. Eulise - Ronnie Butler
14. Nicole
15. Native Woman
16. Paper Doll - Sidney Darling
17. It Takes A Woman (Pt.II) - Sweet Emily
18. Our Love - Henry Johnson



Eddie Minnis describes his music as Goombay-Calypso. The music of The Mighty Sparrow and other calypsonians from all over the Caribbean and West Indies helped in defining Eddie's songwrighting style. The adaptation of these styles included taking simple melodic structures and telling the story of everyday folk and events. One thing that Eddie was able to do is to bring much humor to the everyday challenges that we as human beings face. The music style was clearly influenced by popular musician and friend Ronnie Butler, who in his own right defined what we now know identify as Bahamian music. The involvement of the High Voltage band (today known as Baha Men) brought the junkanoo sound to Eddie's music in the 80's. One thing remained constant through-out, Eddie developed a way of telling his story and making us laugh at ourselves. The two songs featured in this review will feature the two different styles, that of the calypso style of Ronnie Butler followed by the junkanoo sound of High Voltage. Both examples are composed by Eddie Minnis, but interpreted very differently by the two bands.

One of the songs that has become a classic Eddie Minnis is the song 'Buffet'. The song like most calypso songs from this region follow a simple I, IV, V progression. Ronnie Butler and Der Ramblers provide accompaniment for this song. Rhythmically, the guitar plays a very important role. The X note heads indicated in (fig. 1) are muted and staccato, giving the music a syncopated feel although the eighth notes are constant. The bass, on the other hand, plays in the style popular in Latin American music, always anticipating the strong beat of the following measure. The absence of the bass on the strong beat creates forward motion that conducive to the dancing that is done to this style of music. When combined with the other instruments of the rhythm section, there is no shortage of rhythmic variation in the overall arrangement. Lyrically the following song presents light humor about Bahamians attending a banquet in Paradise. Another example of the everyday occurrences that Eddie would write about.

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Calypso rhythm - The bass and guitar are very important elements in calypso music. Below is a sample pattern of the roles that these two instruments play.


The rhythm on this next piece places emphasis on the strong beat as opposed to that of the calypso. Junkanoo is more closely related to the funk music of the R 'n' B bands of the United States. In fact, junkanoo music has more of a marching feel with the emphasis placed at the beginning of the measure. While calypso, because of the weak stress at the beginning of the measure lends itself more readily to popular caribbean dances. The use of cowbells and goatskin drums also stresses the strong beats much more than percussion works in calypso music. With this variation in music, Eddie still finds a way to bring his humor to music. Rhythmically, music of African origin are extremely complex, the use of poly rhythms are ever present and due consideration should be given to the many musicians performing this music. These rhythmic variations can and must be compared to the complex arrangement of notes in European classical music. In the example below (Fig. 2), the X note heads represent muted sound on the guitar and the hitting of two cowbells together in the cowbell section. The use of horn sections were not very common with Bahamian bands by the 1980's, but Eddie made good use of them on many of his songs. The brass section in this song was performed by Neville Sampson (trumpet), Lou Adams Jr. (trumpet) and Andrew Richardson (saxophone).

Click play for "Guilty" -

Junkanoo - The music of junkanoo is much like jazz, highly improvisational. The major difference is that the improvisation is a rhythmical one. Below is a simplified version of what happens in a rhythm section playing in the junkanoo style.